Friday, July 21, 2017

A peek at the Faraday Muti Market

Oh my goodness, blogging has got so left behind in the whirl of this fleeting year, I don't know where to start again...or whether...but I remind myself that if I don't record here some of what I've done/drawn/painted, chances are it'll all get lost in the jumble of events in my mind, and I'll be wondering what on earth I did with my life!
I'm not going to try and do a chronological catch-up, too much work and I have to spend less time on the computer - this sketch was done in May at one of our USk 10x10 workshops, 'Through the Windows' led by Lisa Martens, from Joziburg Lane (now called Hangout Jozi) where I did these sketches, only out of different windows, and looking down.

I felt like a rather illicit voyeur as I squinted down at a section of the Faraday Muti Market, which I've never had the courage to venture into myself. A traditional African healer's market, or hospital, it has animal - both common and highly endangered - and herbal products on display and traditional doctors that prescribe potions and lotions of herbs, spices, bones, flesh and more to cure every ailment or life problem. If you have a strong stomach you can read blogger 2Summers personal account, or google the market and find out more. Fortunately the area I could see below me consisted mainly of grains, herbs or husks laid out on mats in the sun and the 'bush meat' was hidden from my squeamish birds-eye view. People came and went to consult the sangomas and traditional healers for age-old remedies and spiritual and supernatural help; a Don Quixote-like figure poked and slashed at covered piles of who-knows-what with his stick as sellers sat calmly watching - and the 21st century rushed on past on the M2 highway above.


David Harvey said...

Cathy, I liked this sketch. Reading your text with the post it struck me how much we live in a world of opposites and extremes and that makes the sketch even more worthwhile. I must confess that I struggle with drawings / sketches from high viewpoints - one day I'll get it right! Many thanks again , David

Cathy Gatland said...

Thank you David for your observations - those extremes are sometimes very clearly evident here in Johannesburg when you move out of your regular orbits, for which I have urban sketching to thank! High viewpoints are challenging, but the same principles apply really, of drawing what you see, not what you think you see - good luck!

Bev said...

Good to have you back Cathy, missed my little fix of Jo'burg.